Registration AND Abstract Submission

Category up to 16th Sept 16th  Sept –  5th Oct
STUDENTS 350 euros 450 euros
Other, Double Room 400 euros 500 euros
Other, Single Room 450 euros 550 euros

(please take note of the Abstract Submission deadline: September 16th)

The price includes registration, shuttle-bus to the venue, accommodation and food.

=> Be careful with the dates above since the fees will automatically change the 1st of Sept.

Registration procedure:

1. Fill in the “pre-inscription” sheet at Azur-Colloque.
(NB: Only permanent staff are considered as « CNRS employee »)

2. After validation of your pre-inscription, you’ll receive an email saying “your pre-inscription has been validated” with a new link that will allow you to proceed to the inscription.
NB: Students must send a copy of their student-card to: festivaldelamouche [at] in order to have their pre-inscription validated

3. Fill the “inscription” form, and proceed to the registration until the payment step (see payment choice below). You can download the word document to be filled here.

4. Please fill and send the Registration Form File  (link here) to festivaldelamouche [at] before the 16th of September. This step is very important and contains the Shuttle Bus, the Room Booking and the ABSTRACT information. Please do it as soon as possible so we can organize the shuttle bus and the oral sessions, in order to give you enough notice to prepare your presentation.
FILLING THIS FORM IS MANDATORY even if you do not apply for an oral presentation.

Payment choices:

>>> Credit Card Payment (please be aware that for registrations outside of France, they need to be payed by Credit Card only):

* At the step « Organism » : write the information that needs to appear in the bill.

* At the step « Payment » : write who is paying the bill

* At the step « Payment choice » : choose « online payment »

* You’ll be directed to the Credit Card payment page.

(Please note that Payment with « Carte Achat CNRS » is not accepted)

>>> Purchase Order Payment (Bon de Commande):

* At the step « Organism » : write the information that needs to appear in the bill.

* At the step « Payment » : write who is paying the bill

* At the step « Payment choice » : choose « Purchase Order (PO) (Virement ou Bon de Commande) »

You will receive an email with the « Pré-PO/Pré-Bon de Commande ». Then create a PO from your laboratory and send a scanned copy of the PO and the Pré-PO to the following email address in order to validate your inscriptiondr12-azurcolloque [at]

It can also be sent by snail mail to the following address (but, please send also a copy via email to festivaldelamouche [at], if possible):

Gestion Colloque – Pole Comptabilité
CNRS Délégation Provence et Corse
31 chemin Joseph Aiguier
CS 70071 – 13402 Marseille Cedex 09

Please be careful with the dates above since the fee will automatically change the 16th of sept.

Fax documents will NOT be taken into account.

A bill will be sent to the laboratory for the payment.

No reimbursements will be done after the 16th Sep. and bills will have to be paid.